Losi Night Crawler Upgrades, Remote Control Lightning Mcqueen, Traxxas Slash 2Wd 1 10

I believe everyone has watched the wonderful drift video of SKILL DRIFT44, the superb drifting technology and unique shooting methods have set off a wave of drifting remote control cars around the wor Traxxas Slash 2Wd 1 10 ld. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2014, RCFans remote control fans announced the official sponsorship of SKILL DRIFT44 from Japan. Now you can see RCFansLogo on the car shell of the small yellow car, and RCFans will appear in future drift videos! In addition, SKILLDRIFT44 will occasionally share drift modification experience to more than 200,000 members of the RCFans platform!
Statement from SKILLDRIFT44 after receiving RCFans sponsorship
This time, the company ‘RCFans’ became to sponsor of DRIFT44 as promote sponsor.
(こ の 度 、 company ‘RCFans’ 様 が DRIFT44 の 促进 ス ポ ン サ ー)と な り ま し た)
They are chinese famous company, and No.1 chinese RC media, and also their activity field is not only in china.
(彼 ら は 中国 の 有名 な 会 社 で あ る と と も に, 中国 で NO .1 の RC サ イ ト で も あ り 、 ま た 、 彼 ら の 活跃 范 囲 は 中 み で は あ り ま せ の の ん)
I ‘m thankful for their sponsorship offer.
(こ の 度 の ス ポ ン サ ー へ の ご ご に ご ご に)
DRIFT44 Youtube channelKingMotor will launch 1/6 CHALLENGER trophy truck, which is a simulated rear axle electric short card, a car shell manufactured by Ford factory authorized by Ford, equipped with strong Hobbywing power. A new car to look forward to in the New Year 2019!

Parameter of the short bridge after the si Remote Control Lightning Mcqueen mulation of Raytheon (KM)

Model: Short bridge of the straight bridge trophy * 280mm
Wheelbase: 469mm
Wheelbase: 330mm (front / rear)
Minimum ground clearance: 73mm
Wheel size (in) 2.75 (Brand authorized)
Tire size (in ) 6.2 * 2.4R2.75 ( Losi Night Crawler Upgrades Brand authorized)
Damping: Full metal twisted suspension (Brand authorized)
Car shell: Ford (Brand authorized) PC material
Spare tire: Full size
> ESC: HOBBY WING 160A Sensorless Brushless (3S-8
Motor: 1200KV (5688) Sensorless Brushless
Servo: 45Kg Full Metal High Voltage Servo
Remote : LCD screen (2.4G)
Battery compartment size: 139mm * 47mm * 70
Chassis: 4mm (all aluminum alloy) 6061T6
Suspension form (front / rear): independent dual-arm suspension / rear Four-link integral bridge
Drive form: Full-time four-wheel drive
Full vehicle gear: Full metal gear
Total gear ratio: 8.06: 1 Raytheon Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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