Mclaren Remote Control Car, Axial Smt10 Grave Digger, Batman Rc Car

Roche launches the new Rapide P10W Evo 235mmm Pro10 electric road car. The new 3.0mm high-spec American carbon fiber bottom plate, front bumper, newly designed 7075 aluminum front suspension components, and carbon fiber floating st Batman Rc Car eering seat are used to improve the overall performance of the frame. In addition, the steering system, the new DVS-2 large-sized shock absorber, and the alloy motor seat are all standard e Axial Smt10 Grave Digger quipment of the new Pro10 Pro R Mclaren Remote Control Car oche. Part number 151011.Traxxas’ new Rustler 4X4 1/10 electric high-performance venue truck is replaced with a Titan 12T 550 motor and XL-5 waterproof electronic transmission, as well as a new spray-painted ProGraphix® shell (enhanced clipless design). Low-center-of-gravity frame with a 20mm wheelbase lengthened to improve walking stability and durability. The larger Talon ™ EXT tire (114mm diameter) provides good grip on all terrains.JConcepts (JC) launched the S15 car shell for the Mugen MBX8 Eco off-road vehicle. In January this year, JC has launched the S15 of the Mugen MBX8. The middle section of the new S15 is specially designed to improve walking stability and site adaptability, while increasing air flow. The shark fin-shaped cockpit can also improve stability.

Robitronic has released 5200mAh 7.4V 25C lithium battery. Although it is equipped with a TAMIYA type plug, this product is positioned in the competition market. Equipped with explosion-proof hard shell and balanced charging port, it can be installed on most RC.

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