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Nosram launches the Pearl EvolutionPearl ISTC electronic transmi Rpm Rc Products ssion. After winning the first brushless world championship at the Th Losi Mini 8 ai World Championships last year, Nosram has finally launched an ISTC (World Championship) version of the electronic transmission. Nosram’s new products can maintain extremely low operating temperature, using the newly developed XPS.3 software, with 10 sets of parameter memory, suitable for all levels of motors and events, the braking performance has also been improved, and has 10 different braking parameter settings . One of the biggest advantages of Pearl speedo is its small size, 30.5mm x 34.0mm!

Source Mini Remote Control Helicopter : Nosram [] \u0026 amp;

Hong Kong KM Racing’s K8 – Killer Eight 1/8 Gas Turbine is coming soon! The new car adds a lot of new designs and features, including:
1. Ultra-low center of gravity, only 25mm height difference between the floor and the second floor
2. Two anti-roll bars
3. Easy maintenance
4. Adjustable torsion design on the front of the second floor
5. The receiving position is placed on the electric side, the frame is more balanced
6. Different weights can be installed on the bottom plate
7. Brand new aluminum Parts made of 7075-T6 aluminum
At the 2014 Tokyo Model Show, Kyosho Kyosho exhibited an upgraded version of the TF6 1/10 race-level electric RV. New base plates, upgraded front and rear gearboxes, and motor mounts all appear on the TF6, and floating battery mounts can greatly reduce unnecessary frame twisting in corners. Floating rudder mounts are already standard. As a world-renowned brand, Kyosho has achieved excellent results in off-road vehicles and remote control vehicles in oil house series. Only 1/10 race-level electric houses have not achieved breakthroughs in the world for many years. Will this new TF6 car be next month IFMAR World Cup Breakout? Change everyone’s impression of Kyosho’s top electric house? Please wait and see!

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