Mini Z Rc, Hpi Sprint 2 Drift, Remote Control Jeep Toy

Xray launched the XB Remote Control Jeep Toy 4 4WD 1/10 electric off-road vehicle at the end of 2012. Will the brand’s first 1/8 oil-powered off-ro Hpi Sprint 2 Drift ad XB9 also be replaced? XB9 was released Mini Z Rc from the end of 2011 to the beginning of 2012. Xray officially announced that their R \u0026 amp; D team entered the final stage of the development of the new version of the XB9 in the 2013 spec, and only a small number of modifications will enter mass production. RCFans expects the XB9 2013 spec to debut at the Nuremberg exhibition in Germany at the end of the month.
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Teamsaxo launched the 2016 upgraded version of the second floor slab TS01128 and chassis TS01127 for the Xray T4 series, cut from high-quality carbon fiber materials CNC. The upgraded products not only make the car more flexible, maintain the maximum torque of the frame, but also make the body appearance More refined. The all-aluminum 1.6mm second floor slab TS01132 is exclusively for T4 \u0026 amp; BD7 carpets, and is a perfect match for the aluminum chassis! In addition, the new T4 soft floor TS01130 is introduced. In addition to the characteristics of the ordinary board TS01127, it is specially designed for use in low-grip fields.

‘Thor’s Hammer UT4 tube rack racing car, civilian simulation beam car’. These two words are a representative summary of the two styles in our team. One is for climbing and racing, and the other is for off-road crossing. And the SCX10 we usually say, RC4WD, MST, TRX4 and other cars are what we call ‘civil simulation beam cars’. God is not in the ranks of racing, the simplest sentence is that there is no roll cage. A girder car that climbs without a roll cage is a rhythm of death.
The installation of the pipe frame structure and the girder car are the real racing cars. As shown in the figure, whether the pipe frame is installed on the body structure or the exterior body is the guarantee for the racer and the body structure. The absence of a roll cage is always the ‘passing car’ as it is called a modified version of a civilian beam car.

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