Minnie Mouse Rc Car, 1.9 Rc Crawler Tires, Traxxas Rustler Parts

Pro-Line launches Toyota Tundra TRD car shell for 1/10 short card remote control car, giving short card more emulated appearance. Unpainted products w Traxxas Rustler Parts ith spray masking and body stickers. The short truck fram 1.9 Rc Crawler Tires e of this car shell may also need to be matched with Pro-Line’s car shell extension pillars. Length 546mm, width 279mm, height 146mm, wheelbase 330mm, product number 3476-00.

Suitable for the following models
Pro-Line PRO-2 SC Truck
TRAXXAS® Slash (requires Pro-Line Extension Shell Post # 6070-00)
TRAXXAS® Slash 4×4 (requires Pro-Line Extension Shell Post # 6070-00)
AE SC10 (requires Pro-Line Extension Shell Post # 6071-00)
Official news from MST: MST has been in the Japanese market since the end of 2012. With the high competitive advantage of both quality and price, it has successfully expanded the Japanese market within six months. Highly recommended. Unlike competing brands, the MST team devotes more effort to product innovation and development. Often new product launches immediately cause a buying spree.
Click here- \u0026 gt; Enter the MST brand zone to participate in the interaction.
The popular XXX-D VIP has quickly captured the market share in Japan and continues to grow. MST has become a new favorite of the RC community. .
PRO RC National Tour, the largest race of drift wagons (drift car) in Japan, has held 8 games to 2013, of which four champions have chosen to use XXX-D VIP to participate. Kazama San therefore said that XXX-D VIP is not only the highest market share in the current consumer market, but also the only car designated by the most players. The latest PRO RC National Tournament of 2013 will also debut at the end of August.
MST will soon launch the OPTION PARTS of the XXX-D axle car. In addition to widening the width of the chassis, the suspension system has also been greatly changed. The original TYPE-C fisheye suspension The structure is changed to the suspension of the traditional A-arm behind the front Y-arm.The length of the rear A-arm extends longer than the traditional A-arm currently on the market. With the change of this chassis, consumers can also use both front and rear. The setting of the Y arm enables consumers to have a variety of rich setting options. MST’s patented design of adjustable tie rods is also another highlight. The traditional tie rods because of the plastic release relationship, the ball head Minnie Mouse Rc Car and the tie rod package. Coverability has not been able to achieve a complete close fit without a virtual position, and this MST patented design adjustable tie rod includes a bush with a highly wear-resistant material in the center of the ball head, and the tie rod can be achieved by adjusting the tightness of the screw There is no perfect coordination of the ball head up, down, left and right. I believe that this change will make the original xxx-d players have a more choice of different settings. This modification kit will have two versions, vip version and pro version. .MST will also be given priority to be released in China and will be accompanied by preferential activities. The two versions of the kit are expected to be released in mid-September

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