Monster Truck Remote Control Car, Traxxas Slash Truck Body, Traxxas Rc Car Batteries

HB is proud to i Traxxas Rc Car Batteries ntroduce you to the latest high-end 1:10 electric RV / drift Traxxas Slash Truck Body frame TC-F Monster Truck Remote Control Car D. TC-FD is not only a high-performance drift car, but also can be used to participate in motorhome racing, with unparalleled compatibility.
TC-FD uses a motor front and battery rear layout. The position of the motor and battery can be finely adjusted to achieve the best weight distribution. With the optional reverse tire kit, reverse tire drift is also immediately available. Suspension components such as aluminum shock absorbers, arm codes and gearboxes are from the top race car HB TCX.
TC-FD uses a newly designed front steering cup and rear C-seat. The whole car is made of the highest quality aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, including gearbox, motor seat, chassis, second floor and shock mount. The entire transmission and steering system uses high-precision bearings to ensure the most efficient movement.
This article is provided by HPIRacing Sanwa launched the new MX-V remote control, which uses Sanwa FHSS-2 2.4GHz technology to ensure good anti-interference performance and response speed. Built-in 10 sets of named model parameter memory, compatible with different receivers (product comes with RX-37E three-channel receiver), including Sanwa RX-442FS and LRP C3-RX. The top display and setting buttons allow players to quickly make parameter adjustments.
Super fast Sanwa FHSS-2 2.4 GHz technologyMulti-state Anti-Lock Braking SystemProgrammable model names and 10 model memoryAntenna integrated into the handleHigh-quality case and workmanshipDirect model selectDual Rate, Expo, Trim / Sub Trim, Servo Reverse and Endpoint AdjustmentLarge multi-functional displayCompatible to other receivers3-channel 2.4GHz micro receiver includedCharge socket for optional rechargeable batteriesErgonomic gun grip and steering wheel designAdjustable spring tension for steering and throttle

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