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In November last year, Team Associated (AE) officially launched a new 1/10 four-wheel-drive (4WD) electric off-road vehicle (Buggy), model RC10B64D, a competition-grade product, which can better support today’s more powerful and faster competition requirements. The new suspension is more durable, and the suspension geometry has been adjusted. On the high-speed track, the new B64D has better walking performance and more rolling center options. In the transmission part, the upgraded central differential speed improves the transmission efficiency no matter whether it is on the dirt or clay track. The RC10 series electric off-road vehicle has won multiple IFMAR world championship titles. The previous generation product RC10B44 swept the world championship in 2007 and won the world championship again in 2011 and 13. In 2017, Xiamen, China will host the IFMAR Electric Off-Road Vehicle World Championship. It is believed that the AE team is still the most powerful contender for the world championship. Recently, RCNetwork brought this new car to OCRC, Huntington Beach, California for a walking test.
Serpent Snake 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicle SRX8.
After releasing several disc photos earlier, Serpent finally announced t Grave Digger Remote Control Car he details of the new Cobra SRX8 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicle. Designed by Billy Easton, it focuses on improving performance, ease of use and durability. The frame’s original belt configuration specifications are very good. Key changes include a new larger differential speed that can accommodate more fuel. The built-in pressure compensation system can make the differential performance more stable during a long game. The new gear mesh adjustment design makes it easy to adjust the engine without affecting the clearance. In the frame setting, the new Rc Card front / rear rocker arms can be added with reinforcement plates on the top and bottom, so that the softness and twist characteristics of the rocker arms can be easily adjusted. You can eliminate the need for reinforcement boards at all, use plastic reinforcement boards, or upgrade carbon fiber boards, or even mix the two. Finally, the newly designed steering system can provide the optimal Agaman angle setting, while reducing the effect of the swing angle on the steering angle.
Standard configuration
– 7075 T6 aluminum alloy base plate and anode hardened, with laser marking
– 7075 T6 aluminum alloy steering cup, black plating, with laser marking
– 7075 T6 15 degree C seat made of aluminum alloy, black plated with laser marking
– 7075 T6 aluminum bearing housing, black plated with laser marking
– 4.5mm thick front / rear carbon fiber oil pressure plate
– Newly designed large diameter oil pressure, with Most Expensive Rc Car precision cut oil pressure pad and inner gasket, new ultra-smooth X-ring oil seal
– anode hardened oil pressure cap, 3.5 mm hydraulic core and new anti-slip sleeve
– new front, middle and rear gear differentials
– 4 paddle clutches
– high durability rocker arm, optional reinforcement plate ( Originally with plastic, upgrade is carbon fiber)
– Steel gear meshing adjustment system
– Steel brake discs, matched with pre-adhesive brake pads
– Integrated steel located behind the bottom plate Anti-wear discs
-Completely lightweight, anodized rods made of aluminum alloy
-New straight tail wing and new Avenger housing
– CVD drive system made of spring steel with rubber anti-slip sleeve
–Front / rear anti-roll bar system with bearings
–Simple steering gear compartment design with integrated Lap counter fixed code
-Comes with a sticker for the receiver and battery compartment cover
-All cars with high-quality bearings
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