Mst Drift Car, Real Rc Cars, 4X4 Remote Control Car

You must have seen Ken Block’s latest masterpiece. Can only a real drift car make such a gorgeous action? Remote con 4X4 Remote Control Car trol cars are also available, please enjoy the Christmas masterpiece, the Real Rc Cars HP Block Ken Block Micro RS4 remote control car replicates the real car drift!
Remote Control Car:
Pro-Line launches the Late Model climbing car simulat Mst Drift Car ion interior. Barrel seats with ‘modern’ ‘display’ central controls. This product can perfectly support the same Ford Raptor car shells (product numbers 3509-00 and 3516-00), and other 1/10 car shells can be adapted by opening cut. Transparent and unpainted, players can match their favorite steering wheel. Pro-Line does not provide a steering wheel. Dimensions: 414mm in length, 188mm in width, 89mm in height, product number 3527-00.Yokomo’s drift car has always been very popular. After all, Yokomo is one of the ancestors of the electric room. The car manufacturing process and design concept are at the top level. Coupled with Yokomo’s promotional style and beautiful drift car shell, it can be said that Yokomo The drift car is definitely the ideal remote control model car for fans of ‘Initial D’! Their drift car series-DRIFT Package PLUS launched two new products, one is SSGP Edition and the other is Deep Rim Edition.PN Racing has launched a new car shell for the Mini-Z, VDS style, lexan (soft shell), suitable for 1/28 various types of mini remote control cars. The car shell has better aerodynamic performance and can increase top speed. More photos are in this article. Source: PN Racing [] \u0026 amp;

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