New Bright Rc Dash Cam, Rc Car Decals, Traxxas 100Mph

The Japanese company Kawahara is ab Traxxas 100Mph out to bring ultra-wide motorhome tires. Due to the increasing horsepower of 12-level engines, the car has become increasingly Rc Car Decals difficult to handle. So Kawahara suggested widening the front tires to 30mm and the rear tires to 40mm, so the car would be more obedient. A 220mm wide Group C racing car shell (commonly known as a spatula shell) is matched with this, and a motorhome shell of the same width is also on the way. At the same time, there will be wide front bumpers corresponding to the Mugen MTX-4 and Kyosho V-O New Bright Rc Dash Cam ne RRR.

This concept is actually not completely reasonable, because the control is mainly based on technology, and there are already 235mm vehicles in the world. However, 235 vehicles are not generally compatible with ordinary RVs, and it is a cool idea to let RVs run in the Group C shell, and it is a cool idea to have this level of competition.

Serpent Snake launched Cobra GT 3.1 Team Edition 1/8 GT oil-powered remote control car (factory version). The new car has added some upgrades and strengthened the frame. The fixed position below the shock absorber has been extended to improve handling; a new carbon fiber suspension frame and reinforced aluminum fixing posts also appear on this GT new car; steel brake discs, glued brake pads, and aluminum central fixing The seats make the brakes smoother and easier to maintain. 6-degree aluminum C seat, aluminum rear mount, XLi8 two-speed, 4-paddle clutch are also included in the product, product number 600050.
FID Racing remote control reverse gear system, specially designed for LOSI 5IVE-T gasoline remote control car. The design adopts two sets of gears. A small idler gear is placed in the middle of the reverse gear set. This gear can change the transmission direction of the gear. When the third channel is set. The reverse shift fork moves the reverse gear slider in the reverse gear set to the forward gear. The car will advance when the vehicle is stopped and press the third channel switch again. The reverse gear will start to switch to the reverse gear set and the car will move to the reverse gear. After exercise. So as to achieve the dream of driving freely!
FIDRacing LOSI 5IVE-T remote control reverse gear system started the world’s first direct sales in RCFans.

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