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Tamiya (Tamiya model) launched TA05-VDF II limited edition drift car. 3 belt drive system, the new motor seat can lower the position of the transmission gear, short suspension rocker arm, front bead and other components a Hsp Rc Cars re included in the new car. The overall torsional performance of the frame is enhanced, and the steering range is larger and more suitable for drifting. Like the existing VDF II frame, high-performance accessories such as TRF suspension are used in limited edition new cars. Available this month!

S Super Remote Control Car pecifications:

Scale: 1/10 scale
Construction type; assembly kit
Terrain use: on-road
Drive-train: 4WD
Drive type: belt
Drive line: universal
Differential type: direct coupling (spool) \u0026 amp; ball differential
Suspension: fully independent double wishbone
Steering mechanism: bell-crank
Shock damper: oil -filled damper
Shock damper material: aluminum
Tire type: not included
Tire tread: n / a
Body material: n / a
ESC: not included
ESC type: N / A
LED Light buckets: no
LED lights: no
Motor type: not included
Bearings: shielded ball bearing
Chassis material: carbon fiber plate
Sticker material: n / a
Adjustable camber: yes
Adjustable toe angles: front and r Nitro Car Engine ear
Adjustable ride height: yes
Adjustable gear ratio: yes
Adjustable wheelbase: yes
Adjustable track width: yes
Adjustable shock angle: yes
Anti-squat adjustment; yes
Droop adjustment: yes
Special features: triple belt drive-train, short rev ersible suspension from TRF416-417, TA05V2 \u0026 amp; TB-03

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