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D1RC produced a 2.2-inch two-piece split structure wheel. In addition to tinkering with various upgrades, playing cars with wheels of different styles and styles is also a science. However, metal model wheels can cost as few as a few hundred yuan or thousands, making many model friends discouraged. To this end, D1RC has developed a design that creates a two-piece split-structure hub with excellent cost performance.
Features and advantages of two-piece split wheels:
1. Free matching and diversified combinations: Gospel of wheel stars, eight different shape and color main bodies, two main body outer rings (black silver) are optional, as long as enough Being creative and having an idea, playing with the wheel set is not a thing.
2. Split Creativity, Climbing Pioneer: The two-piece split wheel hub idea is the first time in the history of climbing, and it has innovative significance.
3.AL6061-T6 steel material: aluminum alloy CNC process, durable, lightweight and convenient.
4. High cost performance, second to none: The price of si Rc Toyota Supra ngle-chip main body ranging from 9.9 to 29.9 sets a record, and the cost performance is seco Rc Rock Crawler Shocks nd to none in the industry.

It is worth mentioning that the two-piece split structure wheel comes from a real car, which makes the wheel appear more personalized and diversified, and also makes climbing a step further from the simulation.

↑ The real car two-piece split structure wheel. In order to more intuitively see the walking effect with different wheels, the shooting team specially shot a video.Call for blockbuster 08 edition Mitsubishi Pajero
The author’s brief introduction to his car:
I am a real ‘Pajero’ fan, currently collecting a variety of models, 1993 new version of the new kit kit Pajero , Red rtr boxed Pajero in 1996, kit Pajero, the first replica in 2008, pajero, the second replica in 2017, special chrome version in 2018.
Pajero in the video: I cut the original Pajero original bumper in 2008 and added the Czech Athletic Pajero bumper; I cut the Tamiya original Pajero lamp cup and lampshade The Czech lamp cup lampshade is installed, while the wading hose and reflector are special accessories for the Pajero version of the Czech version; the luggage rack use Nitro Cars For Sale s the cchand Pajero special luggage rack and simulated spotlights.
3. Suspension: The front suspension rear straight bridge, as well as shock absorption, and the transfer case cover all use Japanese top ea brand accessories, and the steering op parts of ‘General Manager Liu’ are adopted. In order to cooperate with ‘General Manager Liu’ The steering needs, I used Tamiya original cvd to upgrade.
Characteristics of this car: Cut the original factory window, install Pajero’s dedicated central control and light up the central control instrument lights; for more simulation, this wheel hub uses dc1.55 simulation wheel hub; for ground clearance , Using 93mm rc4wd1.55 tires.
5. In addition, the biggest highlight of this car lies in the license plate, Middle Eastern style license plate, front license plate character: baby girl 0929, rear license plate character: 邬 昊 晟 爱 邬 瑞 溪; At the same time, in order to express the loyal love for Pajero, customize Pajarola flower, and put his name on the car shell as a pull flower.
6. The space is limited, so I won’t go into details. I hope more Pajero players will like it, and I hope everyone will give more comments and exchange more.
Video time:
00: 00-05: 55 (the author introduces several Pajero versions)
05: 56-11: 07 (video appreciation)

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