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Team Magic launched the E4JS II entry-level 1/10 electric RV (club-level), which was developed based on E4RS and E4RS II Evo, using more cost-effective parts. Many parts of the E4JS II are common to the new Evo. The frame uses a 2.3mm thick fiber bottom plate. The metal motor mount and tooth difference are standard. In addition, reinforced suspension components, carbon fiber oil pressure mounts, and adjustable torsion characteristics have all appeared on the new car and will be available this month.
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Kyosho Beijing launched 1/10 4WD electric remote con Used Rc Cars For Sale trol car MAD VAN, using a unique American nostalgic full-s 27Mhz Remote Control ize Van shell, large-foot diameter tires. FAZER Mk2 series products, low center of gravity FZ02L-BT chassis, reinforced support design added to the front and back of the frame, simple, strong and easy to maintain. Efficient straight shaft drive, dual gear differential, large size dog bone and shaft sleeve, standard full car bearings, 550 14T motor, KA060-91W 60A electronic transmission compatible with lithium battery. Equipped with Syncro KT-231P + remote control and waterproof KS202W servo. The product number is 34412T1, which is expected to be available in November 2019. I believe it will be unveiled at the All Japan Model Exhibition at the end of this month.
Protoform launches the Dodge Dart 190mm (width) electric motorhome bodyshell. New design, more aggressive front design, can provide proper steering performance while maintaining good rear stability. Before the listing, it had already achieved good results in the Las Vegas Indoor International Championships. World champion Alexander Hagberg reported that after use, there will be more body rolling than the Mazdaspeed 6 shell. Protoform offers lightweight and standard versions for players to choose from, and is EFRA cert Nitro Gas Powered Rc Cars ified for use in major events around the world.

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