Nitro Rc Buggy, Tekin Rx8, Remote Control Flying Car

We covered this car a few days ago. The factory announced that Rush 2 will be officially launched in January. The EU price includes 440 euros including tax, and 367.90 euros elsewhere. Includes black tote bag, fully assembled frame, without electronics and engine.

The design of this car is quite unique, and we look forward to further tes Remote Control Flying Car t results.

Team Magic’s latest plan is to develop a 1 to 8 oil run. To this end, they recently launched the second version of the R8 prototype. After extensive testing, TM has found ways to make cars more competitive and easier to drive. The front end of the car, fuel tank, frame, equipment board, and countless small details have been significantly improved. Although there is still some time before the mass production phase, TM believes that their cars will be better and better.

Sweep Racing launches the STC-6 RV car case (190mm width, electric room). Compared with the STC-4 car shell, some modifications have been made to Tekin Rx8 improve the aerodynamic performa Nitro Rc Buggy nce. The main purpose is to make the car more stable on straight roads and higher cornering speeds. The rear of the car shell uses a new reinforced design to reduce damage after a collision. Suitable for asphalt or carpet track use, providing ultra-lightweight 0.5mm thickness, lightweight 0.65mm thickness and conventional 0.8mm thickness for players to choose.
Teamsaxo has launched a new V2 F1-200 upgrade kit, which upgrades the F1-200 to a track width of 199mm and a wheelbase of 266mm. This set uses the latest steering seat and steering gear protector (Ackermann angle has also been adjusted). The upgrade of the battery fixing plate and the suspension support plate can place the battery horizontally and vertically, and the layout and weight of the frame are optimized.

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