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Hot Rc Subaru Bodies has released a new traveling car dish wheels (Rim-24mm width), which strengthens the thickness of the inner Rc Racing Cars For Sale wall of the rim, fully enhances durability and strength, and is more suitable for high-grip venues.
Nqd Rc Car In addition, HB also released fixed collars for anti-roll bars for Cyclone and D4 electric off-road vehicles.

FID Racing launched the 1/5 gasoline rear axle DH warhammer overall metal nylon rear axle group. The elaborate metal nylon rear straight axle combination, the entire bridge package is made of metal aluminum alloy, equipped with an all-metal differential, and an oversized half shaft combination. The joint method of the rear axle adopts a 5-point positioning structure, which can be used for warhammer tires. The rear axle group also supports the tires of LOSI 5IVE-T, but the coupler and tires need to be replaced and used together.
German RC Devil, a manufacturer of flat-bed vehicles (flat-bed frames), has launched a new front-wheel disc brake system, which is suitable for a variety of flat-bed frames (12 Aberdeen, Pro10, etc.). At present, there are only design drawings for your reference. I believe there will be finished products soon The picture appears and the appearance of this product is believed to improve the cornering control of the flatbed and reduce the problem of oversteering. Source: RC Devil [rcdevil.de] \u0026 amp; Redrc.net

This Rave M1.0R 1 to 8 BUGGY from Ishima Racing, which we first saw at the Nuremberg exhibition in February, has now entered the pre-production stage. Its prototypes reached Group A in both rounds of the Belgian League. It is expected to go on sale in 3 weeks.

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