Pink Remote Control Jeep, Nitro Buggy, Rc Crawler Bodies

To celebrate the glorious achievement Rc Crawler Bodies s of the NT1 gasoline-powered motorhome since its in Nitro Buggy troduction (world championship, 3 times US championships, and European championships), Xray introduced a limited edition NT1 Pro. The product is equipped with a large number of original upgrades. More than 20 high-quality upgrades h Pink Remote Control Jeep ave made the performance of the NT1 qualitatively improved, and the combat effectiveness is even more amazing. For a detailed list of upgrades, please see the list of this article. 331180 Brass Chassis Weight Front 25g
331181 Brass Chassis Weight Rear 25g
332441 Anti-Roll Bar Front Female 0.7mm-Hudy Spring Steel ™
332451 Anti-Roll Bar Front Male 0.7mm-Hudy Spring Steel ™
333051 Alu Rear Bulkhead Cover
333401 Rear Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar-Set
334111 Lightweight Ventilated Brake Disc-CNC Machined-Hardened
334131 Glued Brake Pad Set- Ultra-Efficient (2)
334141 Alu Lightweight Brake Disk Adapter-Swiss 7075 T6
335072 Lightweight Diff. Outdrive Adapter-HUDY Spring Steel ™ (2)
335073 Lightw. Diff. Outdrive Adapter Long-HUDY Spring Steel (2)
335081 Alu Differential Pin-Hard Coated (2)
335511 2-Speed ​​Shaft-Lightweight
335521 Alu Lightw. Carrier for 2-Speed ​​Gear (2nd)-7075 T6-V2
335531 Alu Lightweight Drive Flange W / One-Way B.-Swiss 7075 T6
335711 Front Middle Shaft-HUDY Spring Steel ™-Lightweight
338502 XCA (XRAY Centrifugal-Axial) Clutch Set-Reverse
335721 Alu Front Middle Shaft Holder
336080 Graphite Personal Transponder Bracket
338713 Alu Monoblock Engine Mount
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