Polaris Rc Car, Rc Bronco Body, 2.8 Rc Tires

PROTOform launches Chevrolet® ’s Corvette ™ C7.R 190mm width car shell, suitable for 1/10 electric RVs. The real car won three GTLM championships in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 24 Hours of Daytona. PROTOform’s remote control car shell product is manufactured by Chevrolet Chevrolet original factory. It is unpainted and comes with body stickers and spray cover paper. The rear wing uses a durable nylon bracket. Length: 444.5mm, width 194mm, height 102mm, wheelbase 256mm. Part number 1557-30.
New GRC product, LS7 simulation engine hood / fan radiator, the product reproduces GM’s LS series V8 engine proportionally, improves the fuller cylinder line, and adds a detachable design. Both sides of the ‘cylinder body’ are removable , Flexible and suitable for engine bins of different sizes.
The wires of the simulation ignition coil package are made of soft rubber, which is more durable.
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Data of engine compartment compatible with dimensions and detachable structure
Built-in 2s ~ 3s universal high-speed dual fan
The product is color-coded at the factory, there are two colors to choose from: Classic Red and textured silver!
For more product details, welcome to Tao 2.8 Rc Tires bao GRC LS simulation engine hood.
Yokomo has officially announced the details of the 2016 BD-7 1/10 Race Electric Touring Car. Whether it is outdoor asphalt or indoor carpet pavement, the 2016 new car can exert the best performance, the transmission Rc Bronco Body system has been strengthened, and the new rocker arm code is adopted in the suspension part, which further reduces the center of gravity. In addition to reducing the center of gravity, the belt gear with a smaller diameter can improve the acceleration response of the throttle, and the curve performance is sharper. The height of the hydraulic frame has been greatly reduced, and the new SLF short-capacity and large-capacity shock absorbers have been replaced. In short, Yokomo BD-7 2016 is optimized wherever the center of gravity can be reduced. The handling experience will be smoother, especially on the high-grip track, the overall frame twist i Polaris Rc Car s smaller, and the car is more stable and smooth. Yokomo will also launch an upgrade kit for BD-7 2015 players to upgrade to the 2016 new model. The new car will be available in December.

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