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Xray introduced a reinforced aluminum base plate for their XB4 1/10 electric off-road vehicle, which has particularly enhanced hardness, 3mm Swiss 7075-T6 aluminum material, CNC process. With this floor, you can increase cornering speed and improve walking stability on high-grip tracks. After using this upgraded floor, it is recommended to use an upgraded car shell pillar, which makes it easier to install the car shell. Suitable for XB4 15 battery.
New Scalpel option parts15: 24: 00 01.02.2007

Robitronic is proud to introduce many new option parts for the Scalpel 1/18 Pan car.

An Italian company called WRC (World Racing Car) launched the STX 1/10 electric caravan. WRC was previously known in Europe as the 1/10 F1 remote control car-FOne 200, and now officially enters the 1/10 electric car market. The new STX has some unique designs. The second floor consisting of two vertical carbon fibers can provide unique frame torsion and adjustable torsion performance. This 1/10 belt drive electric room will be officially launched next month. For detailed data and in 4X4 Rc Jeep troduction, please continue to follow the tracking reports brough Traxxas Slash 4X4 Exploded View t by RCFans.
Axial’s SCX10 II simulation climbing car launched a new style eq Porsche Rc Car uipped with Deadbolt shell, which is still 90066. Axial changed a new shell. Including mature AX10 drives, AR44 axles and WB8 driveshafts continue to be used.

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