Pro Line Rc Bodies, Remote Control Cars Walmart, Os Nitro Engine

Arrma launches the new Voltage series Granite and Fazon Mega SRS RTR off-road bikes. The picture below is Granite.

The picture below shows Fazon

1/10 2WD models. The biggest feature of the new car is the ‘battery compartment’. The single-frame design allows Arrma to support the new car. 18650 batteries (Tesla Tesla cars are also used), players can install six 18650 lithium batteries into the battery compartment, or you can use NiMH Os Nitro Engine and 2S lithium batteries for power. Although the cylindrical 18650 batte Remote Control Cars Walmart ry is used to make the Arrma car look like a toy, the 18650 lithium battery has strong versatility, does not require special connectors or welding, and is easy to buy on the market. In fact, the Arrma allows the Voltage series remote control car to reduce power consumption threshold.
RTR products, but metal gear differentials, waterproof electronics, 2.4G remote control and painted car shells are all included in the product. Arrma’s products occasionally have some innovative designs, but the product line and product names are more confusing, hoping to clear up and make it easier for players to choose the right model.American Horizon model brand Losi will launch the new Ford Raptor Baja Rey 1/10 4WD RTR desert truck in April. A pickup truck case authorized by Ford’s original factory, the model is known as the 2018 Raptor Raptor. The frame adopts a straight bridge suspension (long-travel 4-link) and a front independent suspension (A-arm) system, plus a roll cage cockpit to make this Losi new car more structure and walking posture simulation, wheelbase 370mm. Dynamite 3800kV brushless power supporting 3S lithium battery, 550 motor, standard Pro Line Rc Bodies AVC assisted driving, makes the control easier, no matter whether it is flat road or off-road road, it can easily cope with, the maximum speed can exceed 80km / h. Spektrum DX2E Active remote control, front and rear LED lights, Spektrum 9KG 23T metal gear steering gear, full-size spare wheels are included in the product. Two colors are available, silver (product number LOS03020T2) and blue (product number LOS03020T1).

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