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Dirt Modified Rc Car Bodies Top Rated Rc Cars WRC Professional Rc Cars Racing from Italy launched a 1/10 F1 remote control car, which is made of high-quality 7075 aluminum and carbon fiber. The tail bead is poor. The suspension design can adjust the Camber, Caster, toe and car height.
Source: WRC [] \u0026 amp;
Crossrc is about to launch a new 4X4 climbing car FR4, with body dimensions of length: 500mm, width: 234mm, height: 259 and wheelbase: 305mm. Stay tuned for Crossrc and RCFans news for more details.
RC4WD launched the CCHand Malice Extended Roof Rack for Tamiya CC01 Pajero. It is made of hand-welded steel material, black electroplated, and corrosion resistant. Dimensions: Length 173.92mm, width 137.80mm, height 27.65mm, weight 155.5 grams. Part # VVV-C0426.
Traxxas’ Slash 2WD short card Robby Gordon Gordini style is available in RTR. Copy the real car shell to the remote control car. This 2WD short card is equipped with a Model 550 12T motor, a waterproof XL-5 electronic transmission, a waterproof receiver box and a steering servo. The metal gear transmission system comes standard with the same factory Revo type torque control limited slip. The remote control device is a two-channel 2.4G TQ remote control.

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