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Sphero has launched the Ultimate Lightning McQueen ‘which can interact with players. It uses Bluetooth and a mobile phone to connect, control and various settings through a mobile APP. In addition to th Zoom Tube Car Trax e control functions of common remote control cars, This product also has a powerful interactive gameplay. First of all, the windshield is embedded with an LCD display, and the magnificent McQueen eyes are copied to the car. The player and McQueen finally realize eye contact. In addition, sound effects are also a must. Prepared, there are more dazzling features to surprise players, just touch the body, the lightning McQueen will playfully twist, the effect is as infectious as the lively lightning McQueen racing on the big scree Rc Car Store Near Me n of the movie .Effective control distance is 30m, cruise time is 40 minutes, the maximum speed is close to 10 km / h, and the price is 299 US dollars.
Arrma introduces the 10th anniversary limited edition Outcast 6S BLX 1/8 electric truck. Based on the Outcast 6S BLX model, new paint and special stickers are added. Some parts of the frame also use aluminum upgrades to make the limited edition look more unique. RTR products are equipped with waterproof BLX185 150A brushless electroni Proline Bronco Body c transmission, BLX2050 brushless motor, 15 kg steering gear and Spektrum STX2 remote control. It has a top speed of 96km / h and is limited to 500 vehicles worldwide. Part number ARA106060.
Xray launched the new X12 1/12 electric flat road car (12 Twelve). Based on the experience of X11, X12 has been upgraded. Redesigned narrow floor, new suspension fixing components, front suspension and suspension swing arms, etc., the frame weight is closer to the centerline, batteries can be placed horizontally or vertically, and X12 controls are more sensitive. The adjustable part of Xray X12 and the adaptability of the venue have been improved. The Kit frame does not include car shells, tires and electronics.
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