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Brushless is no longer a high-end competition, but it will replace brushes in all groups.

ROAR has introduced the brushless motor to the STOCK competition following the Small Rc Cars lithium battery regulations issued last week. Taking Novak as an example, the 17.5R brushless motor can participate in the original STOCK level events. The 19T level, originally considered a Super STOCK event, allows 10.5 and 13.5 brushless p Rc Cars Trucks articipation.

Hiro Seiko introduces an upgraded carbon fiber brake disc for the steering wheel of the remote control, which comes with a real brake clip to make the remote control look cooler. Six colors are available for players to choose from. Hiro Seiko has not announced what remote control this product can be used in. The picture shows that Futaba 4PX i Proline Powerstroke Shocks s available.

Shepherd launched a remote control vehicle shock tool, which is especially suitable for the disassembly and assembly of Velox Revolutionary shock absorbers. It reduces the risk of shock damage during assembly and disassembly of the shocks of Shepherd remote control vehicle products. Shepherd Player Essentials! Source: Shepherd []

Taiwan’s STS has released a new 3.5CC off-road vehicle long-range engine-D21T MKII. This engine uses a 14mm crankshaft for 5 ports, and the engine provides basin tops for ordinary and Turbo-type thermal heads. )!
Source (STS):

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