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The JConcepts Illuzion D4 ‘Scoopless’ bodyshell continues to provide a low profile. The roof is basically fused with the front of the car, so it is called ‘topless’. The Traxxas Rc Parts shell is suitable for BJ4 World Edition and B44, with 6.5-inch V-tail.

TRF has added new members. This Ko propo OEM brushed ESC will be released on June 28th, named TRF VOLAC MS C3. It uses a newly designed substrate and improved procedures. The ESC is equipped with Schottky diodes and silicon wires.

SkyRC Shenzhen Sky Innovation Technology launched a radiator for 1/5 remote control car brushless motor with dual co Traxxas Wheels And Tires oling fans. The diameter is 55mm and it is made of special heat-dissipating material. Two 40mm high-speed 7.4v cooling fans are installed, which can effectively reduce the motor temperature. The moto Radio Shack Rc Cars r comes with a power cord that can be powered directly from the receiver or BEC.

KM’s cross sleeve tools, including 5, 9, 17 \u0026 amp; 23mm, are made of 6061-T6 aluminum, with longer dimensions for deeper work.

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