Rc 4X4 Rock Crawler, Rc Off Road, New Bright Hummer H2

Since the launch of New Bright Hummer H2 RCFANS, in a few days, ESS-PRO products of SENSE INNOVATIONS have won the favor of many players. Everyone has a high evaluation of product performance (we can only work harder and launch better products to reward everyone), and praise the various DIY options provided by RC + (ESS-PRO supporting software).
However, some players have raised questions about some paid downloads in the RC + source store, and even some friends are unhappy because of this (they have a lot of audio synthesis and debugging work). Anyway, if everyone is unhappy, it is our mistake in work. Therefore, we adjusted the audio source store and explained our original intention to everyone.
SENSE INNOVATIONS is committed to the development of innovative model electronic products. (Our definition of innovation is: to play with new ideas, copying exactly is not our strength, nor is it the starting point of the company. ). Most of our R \u0026 D team members have a technical background in the field of Internet and communications, and they value user experience and continuous service. Let everyone make good use of the product, are interested in continuous play, and often have new ideas. Therefore, we have introduced some Internet concepts, developed RC + software, and will continue to update it later, adding more DIY options and more vehicle sound effects, so that every product we have purchased will continue to have new gameplay and freshness. We will adhere to this philosophy and carefully develop each subsequent product.
In order to let everyone buy things with good value, SENSE will continue to upgrade products, including electronic product firmware, RC + software. At the same time, sound effects in the source store will continue to add new sound effects. The original intention of our fees is not just to pay attention to the income brought to us by the sound source. These incomes are disproportionate to the R \u0026 D expenses we have invested in the development of the RC PLUS software platform. The original intention of our development of RC PLUS is to be able to provide users with better value-added services through this software platform, and the development investment of this platform is far greater than the development of our ESS-PRO product hardware itself, and the software life cycle is very long During his entire life cycle, we need to upgrade, maintain, and i Rc Off Road nclude the cost of hardware such as servers. Therefore, it is very difficult to maintain these daily maintenance costs through sound sou Rc 4X4 Rock Crawler rce charges. Therefore, we provide high-quality services and the introduction of sound sources. Only reasonable charges can ensure that our company has the enthusiasm to make more investment for the RC PLUS platform. Provide better services, and only then can enter a virtuous circle, otherwise this platform can only be used as a tool software, can not be maintained, I think it is a loss for players.
In the concept of many players, hardware requires cost, and software is not worthwhile. Software charges are not desirable. This is a misunderstanding in itself. In order to better promote ESS-PRO, we can use it for free in the early stage, and then charge it after a certain scale, which can better protect the sales of our products, but this way may be more likely to hurt players, so from the beginning we I feel that the establishment of a concept for software products and services requires a fee. It’s like everyone paying for APPLE APP STORE to purchase software applications has become a habit. It is also this model of sharing with developers and software charging, which ensures that Apple’s software ecosystem is well developed. The ultimate benefit is still consumers. . However, today we still cannot accept and tolerate the use of this model for RC products, so we insist on charging at the beginning. This fee is acceptable for the current level of income, but it can make model players get better service. At the same time, it ensures that the RC PLUS software platform has sustainable development, not just the immediate benefits.
RC PLUS software platform is still in the BETA version, and it will be updated every few days in the near future. I also hope that everyone can actively give us valuable opinions, and we will accept your opinions with an open mind, so that RC PLUS can provide better Service for everyone.
Finally, at the request of more players for more free sound sources, we decided to modify most of the charge items for pressure relief valves and special sound effects to be free, as a response and feedback to the needs of player friends, At the same time, we will still make some excellent free vehicle audio sources for users. Players who have previously paid for the relief valve and special sound effects will receive a full refund of these sound sources, and we will refund the previous purchase fee to the player’s Alipay account within two business days.
I hope that ESS-PRO products will bring more fun and surprises to everyone. At the same time, I also hope that players and friends can understand the enthusiasm and original intention of the R \u0026 D team. SENSE INNOVATIONS is just like the literal innovation in us. We will continue to develop products and services with innovative characteristics to provide better products for model players. Thank you for your support!

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