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Earlier this month, we reported that Serpent Snake launched the Serpent 977 Evo limited edition 1/8 gasoline road bike in commemoration of its 35th anniversary, with a limit of 350 units worldwide. Today, Serpent officially announced the details of the limited edition 977. Based on the 977 Evo frame, a special black anodized aluminum upgrade was added and beveled. The twist characteristics of the frame have also changed. A large number of carbon fiber parts are also included in the product. In addition, commemorative products printed with the 35th anniversary Logo bag, sun hat and carbon fiber U disk (with instructions, settings manual and 35th anniversary commemorative book) will also be included with the car. There are a limited number of 350 cars worldwide, each with a unique number. The number 001 car has bee Rc Drag Racing Engines n auctioned on Ebeay, and the funds raised will be donated to charity organizations.
Auction of 001 Please enterGizmo from Denmark launches GZ1 1/10 electric RV. Reservations will start on April 1 and delivery is expected on May 1. The GZ1 uses a revolutionary double spur gear (large gear) design that allows the motor to be mounted on the centerline of the frame and the frame to achieve perfect weight balance. The dual-belt drive system, floating rudder base, and ul Jlb J3 Speed tra-low center of gravity are all elements of the current mainstream racing-grade electric motor home. 2.15 Rc Airplane Parts mm carbon fiber bottom plate, 3mm one-piece vertical installation second floor, 7075 aluminum components, steel shaft cups, lightweight suspension components, etc. are all standard configuration of GZ1. Gizmo claims to use the best materials to make the GZ1, and strives to achieve the highest performance on the track.
The Max Power engine is manufactured by the famous Italian factory ‘NOVAROSSI’. The Max-MX 21 Max M8 off-road vehicle engine (Class 21 3.5cc) bought by RCFans is still a competition-level product selected by the remote control engine master ‘Massimo Fantini’ Suitable for major brands of 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicles and trucks. 8 Ports design, high torque output up to 2.69 horsepower. Use standard thermal head (non-Turbo), the product comes with two original carburetor inlet adjustment ports. 50% off, only 1350 packs will be delivered to you! The first 8 guests who have completed the group purchase will receive a Max Power engine bag.
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