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The essence of RCFans member VOLKSWAGENLK: In this era of so-called * performance * cars flying around, I believe that some people still love hard-shell simulation … willing to give up the so-called superb performance …………
do this It is the RC4 Chevrolet K5 Blazer. In 1969, Chevrolet started production of an SUV, which was discontinued in 2004. The origin of the car was changed from Brazil to the US market … A SUV that was very popular in the United States at the time … This time RC4 brought this model with th Team Associated B5M e K5 of 86 as the template. It may be because of Rc Car That Drives On Walls copyright or other reasons that did not enter the Chinese market, so you have to buy … More people are considering purchasing or directly back One, I also dragged a friend from Beijing to the United States to carry it back, but when you got it, you did kill TF2 too much.
Because this car is the hard shell of the 1/1 front and rear straight bridge that I haven’t touched in mass production at present, so I’m going to try it. Before posting, I would like to thank a few people, first of all, @luofei 大哥 … The original intention of this car production was to see his K5, including the classic color scheme, and he was the same, and he answered a lot of my questions! And @curry fish ball, a very good buddy, a very enthusiastic Beijing man. Finally, there was @almas, who was very speculative to talk to me, hahahaha, we have too much communication … the smell is the same … the choice and coordination of the wheels, etc., all gave me opinions. It also gave me a lot of 1/1 real car maps.
Now, start the text …
I will have a corresponding explanation above the picture
First of all! LOGO comes too!
Let’s take a look at the shell first.
As a shell that sells close to 1,000 in China, look at the parts, you know the gap with TF2.
I collected a second-hand TF2 frame on salted fish. Really. Mushrooms. . . Fortunately, the color is almost, the other is intact
Start cleaning! Refurbished!
Next, start making car shells!
The color matching is based on the one in the picture below, and that of brother Luofei.
First is the front face! The original chrome-plated silver was used, and the mid-net was painted black, and the LOGO was colored with Chevrolet’s unique yellow
light film
the waist line that was about to die. . . . Big head
Finally finished the shell part
Flip-type cover
Begin filming the window
Make antenna!
Make adhesive for LOGO
Make your own gas pipe!
The medium-wave gearbox of the polished frame is not compatible with my transmission shaft.
The wheels of the tires selected this time are the cheapest of RC4, which can achieve the effect I want, and it is not expensive! Haha
But remind everyone! The 83.5 spon Rc Audi R8 ge needs to be replaced. Otherwise, the entire shell and frame cannot be supported. Finally, the entire shell is completed first!
Next is the entire frame!
Here, I would like to say that if the car uses the leaf spring link of the real car drawing, the big problem of the TF2 frame and car shell must be solved.
I want to coordinate the car, so I experimented with many methods, and finally decided to remove the interior! Fix the frame with the lever!
To say regret, maybe there is no interior, it is more regrettable.
Look at the drawings first
It seems that if the original recommended TF2 frame is used, the effect is far from what I think
and what I want is like this
So finally The frame looks like this. . . Tune for a long time. . . . .
After the final completion is like this!
Finally. Group photo of three brothers

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