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GRP officially announced that it will launch a global price reduction plan this month in response to the global economic downturn. GRP’s tires, engines and other prod Rc Dirt Cars ucts will Traxxas Rc Funny Car be sold at fairly low prices, with the same quality. GRP will also shorten the traditional distribution chain in order to increase profit margins while giving end users more benefits. In addition, GRP will launch a large number of new products at the Nuremberg exhibition in February.

-Optimization and development of our current production unit in Guidizzolo, with a consequent further increase of our quality product.
-Equalized retail prices all over the world.
-An average retail price reduction by over 40%.
-Purchasing of our products in all the hobby shops that will support our program.
-Purchasing of our products from the new official GRP’s e-commerce.
-Direct purchasing at race events whenever GRP’s staff is present.
-Direct Technical Assistance on behalf of GRP, for any eventual technical problem under guarantee, and for the standard engine maintenance.
-Direct Technical Assistance at race events whenever GRP’s staff is present. < br>-Direct Technical Assistance on-line on behalf of GRP.

New .21 carburetor which improves fuel consumption and eases its carburetion.
-New Tuned Engines, with various improvements in terms of material and treatments.
-All Tuned Engines w Rc Battery Charger ill be available on the market also fully run in and checked, ready to run.
-New stiff and light wheels for 1:10 Touring tire line.
-New big and light wheels for 1: 8 Buggy tire line.
-New shaped black inserts for 1: 8 Buggy tire line.
-New X compound (like PL’s M3), for 1: 8 Buggy tire line.
-New Cubic design for 1: 8 Buggy.
-New narrow Jolly design for 1: 8 Buggy.

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