Rc Buggys, Wltoys A949, Traxxas Bandit Wheels

News from RCFans partner X Factory, the brand will launch new limited slides for X-6 and 6Squared, X-60 and AE B4 and T4 Traxxas Bandit Wheels ! Made of CNC, the limit slide has extremely high precision, light weight and Wltoys A949 high strength, and the service life is extended. Recently, another new part from X Factory is this slipper plate which fits the X – 6 \u0026 amp; 6 Squared, X – 60, and AE B4 \u0026 amp; T4.KO Propo will launch RSx One10 Type-S low-profile servo, compatible with high pressure, speed up to 0.08s, torque 8.2kg-cm, using a nuclear-free motor and double bearings to ensure accurate performance. Center heat sink. It can be set using KO ICS servo management software. The positioning of this product KO is a cost-effective model suitable for 1/10 RVs and off-road vehicles.
7.4V: 8.2Kg · cm, 0.08sec / 60 °
6.0V: 7.0Kg · cm, Rc Buggys 0.09sec / 60 °
40.5 × 26.5 × 21mm
ST Racing Concepts launches an E-buggy conversion kit for Traxxas Slash 4 × 4 short card, which converts the Slash short card into a lightweight 1/8 electric off-road vehicle, using 2S lithium battery and 550 Motor. The upgrade conversion kit includes CNC aluminum accessories, available in blue, black, silver and limited red. The upgraded Slash ‘SUV’ has the same center of gravity as the short card Slash. This STRC product further expands the playability of Slash.

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