Rc Camaro, Rc Robot Car, Hpi Rs4 Sport 3

Team Associated (AE) has launched a series of stiffer TC5 RV parts, which are best suited for high grip and sponge tires. The stiffer material reduces the deformation of the suspension parts, which makes the car softer in high-grip venues.

# 31203 TC5 Front Suspension Arms (Hard)

# 31204 TC5 Rear Suspension Arms (Hard)
# 31555 TC5 0 Deg. Castor Blocks (Hard)
# 31556 TC5 2 Deg. Castor Blocks (Hard)
# 31557 TC5 4 Deg. Castor Blocks (Hard)
# 31558 TC5 6 Deg. Castor Blocks (Hard)
# 31561 TC5 Front Steering Blocks (Har Hpi Rs4 Sport 3 d)
# 31562 TC5 0 Deg. Rear Hubs (Hard)
# 31563 TC5 0.5 Deg. Rear Hubs (Hard) )
# 31564 TC5 1 Deg. Rear Hubs (Hard)

Thank you for your support and love for EMRACING’s Tyrant series products (Tyrant Bigfoot)! In the past two years, we have made many innovative attempts in product after-sales, and collected and sorted out relevant data on the after-sales service of Tyrant series products. Based on this, we decided to officially disclose our official name in 2017. After-sales service strategy, in order to provide model lovers with a broader after-sales experience, so that everyone can rest assured to Rc Robot Car buy! have fun! If you encounter a problem during the use of the product, you can obtain the contact information of the after-sales staff by scanning the QR code on the packaging, and Rc Camaro our after-sales specialists will be at your service at any time!
After-sales scope:
1. If the plastic parts of the whole car are broken within 3 years, they will be replaced free of charge. (Except PC shell)
2. The whole vehicle electronic equipment is guaranteed for one year. (Except for gear sweeping of the steering gear)
Service time limit:
1. Nylon parts will be sent within 3 working days after the customer provides the vehicle bar code and photo of the break
2. Parts for electronic equipment warranty will be sent to customer service Shipment within 10 working days after the person receives the defective part.
Transportation cost:
The transportation cost of the after-sales part shall be borne by the customer.
After-sales process:
Scan the QR code (on the product packaging) to get the contact information of the customer service staff ▼
Contact the customer service staff to explain the required after-sales content ▼
Provide the unique barcode of the product ▼
Send the fault Electronic equipment or send photos of broken plastic parts ▼
After-sales processing ▼
Parts sent

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