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Xray launched the 2017 version of the XB8 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicle, a competition-level product. 3mm thickness 7075-T6 aluminum base plate, the weight distribution has been optimized to enhance the overall grip. The suspension has also been upgraded. The lower suspension arm of the front suspension is narrower and the installation position is more forward, which improves the handling response. The steering assembly has also been replaced with a stronger steering gear protector. The transmis Best Budget Rc Car sion system uses a large-capacity differential, a 2.5mm diameter more rigid shaft, and a new type of transmission shaft sleeve. Xray’s 2017 XB8 is not an upgrade, but an upgrade. Because the foundation of XB8 itself is already excellent, the factory aims to strengthen and improve the weaker parts.
Japan’s KO Propo has launched an entry-level EX-5FH 2.4GHz remote control with built-in Direct Digital System technology. This remote control can provide high-speed transmission speed, Team Associated Prolite 4X4 Parts claiming Rc Car Differential to be comparable to the flagship remote control. With 7 groups of model data memory, adjustable throttle curve and other functions. Support KR-212FHG receiver (support gyroscope setting). This new product offers four suits for players to choose from: versions with two KR-211FH receivers, versions with a combination of KR-212FHG and PDS-2501ICS, with a KR-211FH receiver, and with two PDS-2511ICS The version of the steering gear.
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The Italian Novarossi R21 3.5cc off-road vehicle engine inherits the surging power gene. The silver metal heat sink has a striking large black and white pattern. Adopt 8.5mm thick and strong crankshaft, with stable and efficient three scavenging cylinder piston system assembly. Equipped with C7S standard spark plug, the universal carburetor is quite stable and easy to adjust. The 8mm red air inlet configured by the factory has engine performance comparable to that of any brand’s mid-to-high level racing engine. Suitable for most 1/8 oil-powered off-road vehicles, racing trucks and GT simulation cars.
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