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Shepherd has recently upgraded the Velox V8 ‘eleven’ oil-powered 1/8 flat road car. Today, Shepherd also announced an upgraded version of th Traxxas Wheels And Tires e Velox V10 ‘eleven ‘fuel house. The frame has added some upgraded parts to Radio Shack Rc Cars improve the Performance, the new car will be available as soon as February. As requested by many drivers the new kit will be shipped with the extra hard chassis plate which is CNC-machined from the finest high strength 7075 aircraft grade material. It features some additional mounting holes for the optional brass battery plate mounts which allows the use of up to five of them to Rc Car Online Store reach the necessary minimum weight and lower the centre of gravity at once. In the front the eccenters have been updated for a higher position of the differential. The driveshafts will be more parallel to the ground which creates more steering especially in fast corners. The diff outdrives are strategically lightened to reduce the rotating mass with the weight saving compared to the standard ones more than 27% for all outdrives. Additionally the hard servo saver spring and a full set of aluminum wheel axles is included. The hard coated aluminum axles are more than 67% lighter than the stock ones but the wear is a little bit higher due to the softer material. The harder servo saver spring is an option for a stiffer servo saver setup. The new kit is expected to be available at the end of February. Source: Shepherd [team-shepherd.com] \u0026 amp; Redrc. net

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