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Team Magic has r Team Associated Rc Trucks eleased details of an improved version of the existing G4, called G4RS. This race-class 200mm oil-powered motorhome is equipped with the latest Evo Rc Car upgr Rc Car Parts Near Me ades, including a narrower frame, different gear ratios, new shock absorbers and two-speed.

Team Magic G4RS Features:
-Lightweight Narrow 3mm 7075 Chassis (Width 74mm)
-All New Short Rear End Design
-Flying Wing Suspension Arms
-Front \u0026 amp; Rear Quick Change Bulkhead
-New High Speed ​​Gear Ratio
-New 2 Speed ​​System
-Adjustable Front \u0026 amp; Rear Anti-Roll Bar
-Front \u0026 amp; Rear Gear Differential
-New Shock Absorber
-Lightweight Shock Mount \u0026 amp; Carbon Fiber Shock Tower
-Carbon Fiber X Plate
-Quick Release Carbon Fiber Radio Plate
-Lightweight Engine Mount
-K Factory Front Universal Joint
-K Factory UFO2 Clutch System
-K Factory ST Steel Hinge Pin

This is the first evaluation of the servo products. If there are any shortcomings or shortages, everyone is welcome to submit comments and discuss sharing. In the opening article, I have been in contact with Key Fulcrum manufacturers for a long time, but I did not know the official name of Key Fulcrum in the early stage.
There is the problem of the inconsistency of the distance between the noise meter and the noise tester. As a rigorous test, the test video of the noise section has been updated. Thank you for your correction.
At the beginning of the text, we got the official retail version of Key Fulcrum. The overall packaging is simple in style. There are no exaggerated advertisements or gorgeous words. It reflects a calm style. The specification model is K5861. The rear side is the servo standardization parameters. Supports voltage / torque relationship, motor type, operating frequency, size, etc.
Open the cover, it is a compact EVA protective packaging, steering gear and accessory kit
Steering gear body and accessory kit
Waterproof logo on the body , HV high voltage, Coreless Motor hollow cup motor
The top mark is a digital steering gear, and the output gear of the steering gear is alloy steel gear titanium plated, which is also one of the standardized fine crafts in the servo industry.
The length of the steering gear is about 30cm Full blackening, the signal line is dark gray, and the blackening of the wire is a trend. It helps a lot to visually clean the cable. Of course, the appearance of the steering gear is not the focus of the product. Because our steering gear is mainly used for viewing instead of viewing, the next step is to test several indicators of the steering gear. First of all, we learned from the official introduction of the product that the steering gear uses a magnetic potentiometer structure design because the magnetic induction The potentiometer completely eliminates the normal contact operation mode of the resistor body and the brush of the conventional potentiometer, which makes the waterproof performance achieve a very high structural improvement, and also provides related characteristics with higher accuracy. We will understand this video below.

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