Rc Car Servo, Proline Prime, Mercedes Benz Remote Control Car

O’Donnell ’s Z01-T race 1 to 8 oil-powered truck was designed Mercedes Benz Remote Control Car by Steve O’Donnell, with the goal of becoming the highest quality race truck on the market. The car undergoes strict ma Proline Prime terial selection and surprise processing, and the result is a very reliable, durable and stable car. Z01-T is aimed at more professional riders. The product will be available at the end of November.

-Optimized servo positioning lowers the CG and turns the arm and linkag Rc Car Servo e inboard to eliminate impact damage.
-Outdrives are machined, lightened and nickel- plated to reduce weight and wear.
-Hard anodizing and CNC-machining helps the Z01-T’s lightened aluminum towers outlast anything the track dishes out.
-Threaded, hard-anodized aluminum shocks feature polished 4 mm shafts and large volume, big bore bodies for maximum durability and dampening.
-Nickel-plated steel parts include: Front / rear CV driveshafts, Lightened outdrives, Steering link and Camber link.
-Carbon-fibre components include: Servo tray, Front plate and Center diff top plate.
-Hard-anodized, lightened, CNC-machined aluminum parts include: Rear shock tower, Front shock tower, Shock caps, Countersunk main chassis and Center dogbone driveshafts.

Length: 23 in (585 mm)
Width: 16.5 in (420 mm)
Height: 8 in (205 mm)
Wheelbase: 14. 5 in (375 mm)
F / R Track: 14/14 in (355/355 mm)

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