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Muchmore is very professional and in-depth Rc Pickup Truck in tram products, and the products are recognized by players from Magic Tracks Remote Control all over the world. Muchmore announced today that they have entered the oil market and launched RC fuel, which I believe will soon enter China!

< p> Source: RC FORUM
Arrowmax Introduces New CNC Craft Aluminum 1/8 Flat Road Set Wheels. Las Rc Car That Drives On Water er engraved Arrowmax logo, suitable for the setting of 1/8 flat road cars of major brands.
Enter the Arrowmax brand zone to participate in the interaction- \u0026 gt; Click here to enter

Medial Pro, a famous French tire brand, recently issued a statement that due to falling profits, rising costs, and competition from various cheap tires from Asia. The plant owner, Eric Bertrand, decided to sell the plant. Medial Pro has a history of nearly 20 years and has won many awards.

Traxxas’ X-Maxx is called the Big X by Fans, and it supports strong 8S power. Whether it is walking at high speed or flying up the slope, this big truck can’t be beat. Enjoy the latest video Ultimate 8s Monster Truck Fun | Traxxas X-Maxx.

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