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Traxxas has launched the RTR Robby Gordon version of Dakar (Dakar) painted Slash short card, equipped with TQ 2.4GHz remote control, waterproof electronic equipment, Titan550 motor and official authorized car shell. Robby Gordon is a multi-talented racer, wi Rc Land Rover th excellent results from NASCAR events to Rc18T Upgrade off-road short card races. The shell of this Slash is exactly the model that Robby Gordon drove in the Dakar race. The high-performance transmission system and good sealing performance make this Slash without fear of mud, snow and any real road. Real all terrain remote control car.


NEW TQ 2.4GHz radio systemAuthentic, Officially Licensed body and graphicsFully assembled and Ready-To-Race®Waterproof electronics—race in mud and snow! Powerful Titan® 12T 550 modified motor30 + mph with included optional 23-tooth pinion gearBrushless Ready Magnum 272 ™ metal-gear transmissionPower Cell 3000mAh NiMH 7-cell battery and FREE charger
Dear Traaction Hobby, friends:
Hello! Thank you for your trust and support for Traction Hobby (China). The original plan for the Traction Hobby Cragsman (second model) 1/8 climbing car, the domestic shipment time should be around September 25, 2017, and the customer’s delivery time is on the eve of the National Day. In September, in order to control environmental pollution, the state strictly investigated environmental protection issues in all walks of life, which caused some parts to be postponed for more than half a month, and the appearance of special metal parts was treated with anodizing and car shell painting. These are the key enterprises strictly inspected by the national environmental protection department. Therefore, Traction Hobby (China) was suspended for more than half a month. In order to allow domestic customers to receive the Cragsman (second model) climbing car as soon as possible, Traction Hobby (China) decided; False, overtime in the evening to rush the goods, only to ease some customers during the National Day to receive the goods, here, Traction Hobby (China) company sincerely apologizes to you!
Traction Hobby (China) expresses its sincere gratitude for the understanding and tolerance of domestic model friends, for which the company has decided; the first batch of domestic scheduled customers will receive a free Cragsman (second) climbing car, all metal To upgrade the row lights, domestic customers, you only need to go to the purchaser for the record, and the freight will be borne by the company.
Don’t forget Rc Car Transmitter your original intentions! Traction Hobby (China) has always ranked product innovation, quality and after-sales service first. Although we have not been able to do a good job, we have been working hard!
Thanks again!
Traction Hobby (China)
October 13, 2017

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