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Traxxas’ X-Maxx Bigfoot Remote Control Vehicle Conquers Desert Desertation. Tamiya Car Equipped with 8S power, the speed will exceed 80KM / H! No fear of various terrains! Since the launch of Big X, it has been widely welcomed by players around the world.Answer-RC introduces a brushless motor and an electronic variable speed sensor line. It has an ultra-soft design that can be twisted to any desired shape. Six different lengths are available for players to choose from, which are 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm, suitable for all types of electric re Hoonicorn Rc Car mote control c Rc Car Upgrades ars, including the flat frame of electric motor homes.
TOP Racing is testing the Rebel F-1 prototype, which was unveiled during the opening race at the KRC in Shenzhen. Driver Penny Yip used the car to win the TQ (Best Preliminary Results) and championship in the F1 remote control group. Top Racing uses the data collected in the race to further improve the new car. The final test is conducted in Japan, and the new car will be mass-produced afterwards.

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The long-awaited Capo CD15823 JK video is finally released. The true all-metal simulation climbing started from this. It is equipped with a brush-powered motor developed by DUALSKY professionally, and an engine sound equipment for the climbing vehicle dedicated by SENSE. Make this car more ‘Chinese core’.


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