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Mini Inferno 70T (ST) Conversion Kit – Blue (Mini Inferno 70 (ST) Conversion Kit)

Rc Cheetah ath> < / o> Rc Cars For Adults = ‘file: /// C: \\ DOCUME ~ 1 \\ bamboo \\ LOCALS ~ 1 \\ Temp \\ msohtml1 \\ 02 \\ clip_image001.png’> This is the Pre-Order of KMC-100V2. (Now accepting pre-orders)
This product will be released at the end of May. (This product will be released at the end of May)

Features: (features)

1. Lighten and strengthen design with CNC machine cut on chassis structure
(Lightweight and strengthened chassis design) < / o>

2. Made from top quality carbon graphite and aluminum alloy
(made using advanced carbon fiber and aluminum)

3. Excellent on balance when jumping
(have excellent balance in the air)

4. Easy to assemble and disassemble
(components can be easily assembled and disassembled)

5. Suitable for Kyosho Mini Inferno \u0026 amp; Mini Inferno ST
(Applicable to Kyosho Mini Inferno and Mini Inferno ST series)

6. Equips with high quality slipper system to provide smoother working but no skid when starting
(A high-quality limited-slip system is provided to make the operation smoother And prevent slipping at the start)

7. Advantages better than KMC-100

8. Optional gear ratio for setup
(can be matched with more gear ratios)

9. Better performance for Brushless Motors

70T Centre Housing Kit Set. (For Version 2 of the min-inferno Conversion kit)
(KMC -70TS] (70-tooth seat kit is suitable for the second-generation Mini-Inferno retrofit kit)

This is the Pre-Order of KMC-70TS. (Now accepting reservations)
The product will be released at the end of May. (This product will be released at the end of May)
Advantages: (Advantage)
1.Optional gear ratio for setup Than)
2.Better performance for Brushless Motors Components: (more suitable for carbonless brushes)
3.Set include (set includes)
a.) KMC-003-2 70T Main Gear x 1 (KMC-003-2 gear (70 teeth))
b.) KMC-011-2 70T Centre Housing Cover x 1 (KMC-011-2 70 teeth center seat cover)
c.) KMC -030 70T Centre Under Plate A x 1 (KMC-030 70 tooth gasket A)
d.) KMC-031 70T Centre Under Plate B x 1 (KMC-030 70 tooth gasket B)

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