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Arrowmax launches black gold taper tools for honeycomb handles. Available in M3, M4 and M5 sizes, it can pre-tap plastic and synthetic materials to improve the installation efficiency of some parts.
Product ID:
AM-190051 M3 Taper Ta Lamborghini Remote Control Car Walmart p Traxxas Udr Aluminum Parts Black Golden
AM-190052 M4 Taper Tap Black Golden
AM-190053 M5 Taper Tap B Rc Cars For Sale Cheap lack Golden
British Schumacher Racing launches the new Cougar Laydown 1/10 2WD race-class electric buggy. Before mass production of this new car, Schumacher tested it in EOS (European Electric Off-Road Vehicle Series), and optimized the design based on feedback. Lower center of gravity, lighter, easier to maintain, faster, the frame’s adaptability is greatly improved, whether it is carpet track, artificial turf or traditional mud, can provide good grip. Brand new 3-gear differential, low center of gravity sealed gearbox with three different height settings. It is expected to be available in mid-April 2019.

Hiro Seiko, a company specializing in the production of fancy RC accessories, has launched new products, new stainless steel colored screws, and further increased strength, providing M3 × 6, M3 × 8, M3 × 10, M3 × 12, M3 × 14, M3 × 16, M3 × 18 \u0026 M3 × 20 sizes are available for players to choose.

Source: Hiro Seiko [hiro-seiko.com] \u0026 amp; Redrc.net

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