Rc Cars Off Road 4X4, Traxxas Stampede 4X4 Vxl, Nitro Rc Motor

In early Nitro Rc Motor 2019, Raytheon (KingMotor / KM) announced that it will launch a 1/6 CHALLENGER trophy truck, which is an emulated straight bridge electric short card. Today, Raytheon announced that the new car will start on April 1 to 6. Delivery.
Basic parameters
Proportion 1/6
Length (mm): 815
Width (mm): 405
Height (mm): 2 Traxxas Stampede 4X4 Vxl 80
Wheelbase (mm): 495 < br> Tread (front / rear) (mm): 330
Minimum ground clearance (mm): 73
Wheel size (in): 2.75 (authorized) 2.4R2.75 (authorized)
Shock absorber: 20mm lar Rc Cars Off Road 4X4 ge-capacity all-metal twisted suspension car shell Material: PC material
Spare tire: Full size (2PCS)
ESC: HOBBYWING 160A Brushless ESC (3-8S)
Motor: KM-5688 Brushless Motor (1200KV)
Steering gear: KM-4215 Metal high voltage steering gear
Battery compartment size (mm): 139 × 47 × 70
Remote control: FS-GT3B LCD remote control
Vehicle weight: 9.4KG (excluding battery)
Main floor: 4mm 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
Hanging form (front / Rear): Dual wishbone independent suspension / rear four-link integrated bridgeSerpent Snake’s Formula F110 remote control car launched a new SF3. This 1/10 electric F1 uses a new 2.5mm thickness 7075 T6 aluminum base plate. The carbon fiber extension blocks on both sides of the base plate can provide installation positions for electronic transmissions, receivers, etc. The battery installed in the vertical position is slightly shifted back to improve the handling response of the frame, and the front suspension rocker arm is replaced with a carbon fiber style. Photorealistic front and rear spoilers use stronger materials. Kit version, compatible with sponge and rubber tires, excluding car shells, tires and electronics. Part number 410065.

-New narrow and lightweight 2.5mm 7075-T6 aluminum alloy chassis with black anodized surface treatment
– New 2.5mm carbon fiber front hem arm, integrated design
– New carbon fiber side floor for electronic equipment and counterweights.
-Robust and adjustable nylon high-downforce front nose wing, made of new tough materials.
-Carbon fiber rear second floor, front second floor, avoid Shock mount, rear motor board, shell pillar mount and tail wing mount
– the front suspension is a sturdy 2.5mm carbon fiber lower suspension plate with aerodynamic carbon upper arm, fully adjustable
– durable steering cup , The upper part is fixed with a ball head, using the king pin spring system

– adjustable king pin inclination lining
– adjustable car height to accommodate rubber and sponge tires
– Caster can simply Adjusted by carbon fiber upper bracket inserts
– metal rudder base and new rudder support system, Ackermann adjustable
– lightweight RCC type middle shock absorber with twisted barrel for precise tuning
> – Spring-loaded rod-type rear suspension, single friction tube
– Unhindered ball joint system
– Electric Road bike rear load with low center of gravity metal / carbon fiber motor bay
– sturdy and lightweight aluminum alloy rear axle
– durable and lightweight bead and lightweight aluminum alloy hexagonal wheel hub coupler with steel Gaskets
– large, durable and adjustable 2-layer carbon-blend rear fins
– high-quality bearings and screws
– sturdy nylon body pillars and precision tuning nuts
– optional Widen front arm for sponge tires
– with rear diffuser

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