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The ultimate boutique, Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Pro Stock Spec 1S is launched. There is no best, only better. In order to allow users to experience more and better products on the road of product development and innovation, Hooying Technology has always maintained a positive spirit. Following the launch of XeRun XR10 Pro Stock Spec, XeRun XR10 Pro Sstock Spec 1S is launched.
This ESC is specially designed for the Stock Group (1S) competition. Compared with XR10 PRO 1S, it pursues more extreme volume and weight. Compared with XR10 PRO 1S, its volume is reduced by about 1/5. For 23.5g, the ultra-low weight provides more tuning space for the balance of the frame, and is ideal for the power (ESC) of the 1/12 STOCK group (1S) competition.
Like the XR10 PRO 1S, it also has a built-in BEC booster circuit. The maximum output current is up to 6A and the output voltage is 6V / 7.4V adjustable. It can provide power for receivers, servos, etc. without additional power supply.
In terms of software functions, the throttle and brake PWM frequencies are independently adjustable to meet the driver’s requirements for precise adjustment of the forward power and braking f E Revo 1 10 orce of the motor.
External WiFi module can be connected. After the ESC is connected to the WiFi module, a wireless connection can be established between the phone and the ESC. Standing on the console, you can use the dedicated APP to remotely adjust the ESC parameters, or update the ESC firmware at any time. . At the same time, the ESC has a data recording function. The ESC records the ESC and the maximum temperature of the motor and the maximum speed of the motor in real time during the operation. The driver can use the LCD programming box or WiFi module to read these data for analysis.
Serpent (Snake) introduced upgrades for 1/8 Cobra off-road vehicles, aluminum 0-degree steering seat. Made of 7075 T6 aluminum, high strength! After using this product, the cornering throttle can be higher, suitable for the full range of Cobra off-road vehicles.
Suitable for:
Serpent 811 Cobra 1/8 4wd buggy
Cobra 811 Buggy Sport 1/8 GP
Serpent 811-Be Cobra 1/8 4wd buggy EP
Cobra 811 Buggy- e Sport 1/8 EP
Serpent Cobra TE 1/8 4wd buggy
Serpent 811 Cobra-T 1/8 Truggy GP
Serpent Cobra GT 1/8 onroad
Manufacturers in Hong Kong last week The cup event will be held in the indoor off-road vehicle field that has just opened. Nearly 90 riders participated in the 1/8 electric off-road and 1/10 4×4 short card groups. In the Traxxas Nitro Rc Cars 1/8 electric SUV category, Serpent driver Zh Rc Cars Under 20 eng Deci won the championship and TQ, Hongnor driver Felix Law won the runner-up with a slight time difference, and third runner-up was Chan Chong Tsuen. In the short card category, Marco Law drove the Losi SCT-E Championship, the runner-up was the Traxxas Slash driver Felix Law, and Tommy won the third place.

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