Rc Chassis Kit, Traxxas 1 10 Scale, High Speed Remote Control Car

RB’s off-road High Speed Remote Control Car vehicle engine is definitely the world’s top product, with high utilization rate Traxxas 1 10 Scale , high completion rate and extremely high winning rate! In addition to the RB high-performance engine now! High-performance off-road vehicle fuel developed by the RB R \u0026 amp; D team is here! 45% nitro, don’t be intimidated by this 45%. RB claims that this fuel is specially designed for Buggy, which can greatly improve engine performance, reduce fuel consumption, and has more stable idle speed and easier adjustment of the fuel needle! At the just-concluded 2009 European Off-Road Championship, the performance of this fuel is obvious to all, and we look forward to this fuel entering the domestic market as soon as possible! The use of this fuel requires the use of 0.1mm gaskets on the top of the cylinder (# 01102-1 for long stroke engines like the B9, # 01100-1 for square stroke engines like the S9 and WS9).

Recently, there have been many incidents such as ‘buying counterfeit goods and missing parts in Taobao online stores’ and even ‘cases of huge losses due to lack of formal technical guidance.’ Here RCFans and major model agents are advised. Novices and players who buy models should not Rc Chassis Kit trust the Taobao virtual model store. Playing models must have technical support and sufficient parts supply to prevent small mistakes! Please select RCFans and RCFans authorized merchants approved by major manufacturers / agents worldwide! Find a nearby business or contact a special dealer Click here to enter the RCFans special dealer area
VP Pro has recently released two sets of evolved clutch clutch blocks, RS-502 Normal and RS-502H. The block adopts new aluminum alloy material, which is more wear-resistant, and the counterweight has been readjusted. The biggest feature is the gasket, the most unique design of VP. The VP team found in a long-term test research that if a small circular gasket is placed between the block and the flywheel, the friction can be greatly reduced, thereby increasing the engine speed and speed, and improving the smooth operation. One set of blocks includes three blocks, three washers, and three sets of springs-0.9mm gold, 1.0mm silver, 1.1mm black.

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