Rc Crawler Truck, Esc And Motor Combo, Remote Control Hot Wheels

Exotek Racing brand mainly Remote Control Hot Wheels produces carbon fiber upgrade Esc And Motor Combo parts. From time to time, a complete set of upgrade kits is launched for popular models. This E14 kit upgrades the RC18R into a 1:14 RV. The kit uses a 2m Rc Crawler Truck m American-made woven carbon fiber plate construction site and a 1.5mm second floor slab. The aluminum and carbon fiber bearing steering system has been redesigned for more precise control.

-Bottom plate design allows the use of a droop stop modification.
-2mm USA made quasi weave carbon fiber bottom plate with 1.5mm top plate.
-Re-engineered alloy / carbon fiber bearing supported mono bell crank steering for precise control.
-Designed to work with the durable Airtronics 94761 or Hitec 85MG \u0026 amp; 65MG type size servos.
-1 Piece carbon top plate keyed to nylon diff covers for tweak resistant operation .
-Easy 1 screw motor mount removal and pinion / spur gear mesh.
-Lowered motor mounting for lower CG and vented and contoured heat fins for optimized motor venting.
-Includes high performance carbon fiber drive shaft .
-Special molded 1/10 sedan style front bumper.
-Includes 6 degree castor blocks.
-Heavy duty T6 aluminum components such as hinge blocks, servo mounts and center bulkhead.
-Alloy steel hex hardware included to install the conversion.
-Available in blue or gun metal.
-Includes stickers and instructions.

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