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Arrowmax launc Rc F1 hes one-piece Camber ruler for Nitro Rc Car Parts 1/10 remote control cars. It can be quickly and easily used for the camber inspection. It can measure the angle of 1.5 degrees, 2.0 degrees and 2.5 degrees just by the side of the wheel. The tool is machined from aluminum CNC. Arrowmax’s unique honeycomb design uses black and gold finishes, plus laser engraving for easy identification, and the milled part is made of wheel nuts.

Explained by Xray chief designer MARTIN HUDY, the first XRAY competition frame design process (with Chinese subtitled video translated).
Five sections of design video:
XRAY T4 2020 frame design, first set, countershaft and motor seat
Spec-R launches ultra-thin LED pit lights. It consists of 30 ultra-light LEDs, of which 16 are white and 14 are yellow. Aluminum housing, players can adjust the color temperature as required. Mode 1 provides all white LED lighting ( Rc Crawler Wheels And Tires color temperature 5000-5500K), mode 2 provides all yellow LED lighting (color temperature 3000-3300K), and mode 3 provides all LED lighting. The built-in lithium battery and 5-level photometric adjustment make it very convenient to use.

Much More has released some new RC products, including tire water (for carpet pavement), batteries and battery cases. The new special tire water for carpet pavement is designed for rubber tires, suitable for high-grip roads. In addition, Muchmore also introduced a new 3800mah Zap battery and Muchmore battery case!

Source: Much More [much-more.co.kr]

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