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A new version of the 4PKS remote control of Japan Futaba Electronics Co., Axial Rc Parts Ltd. is available. The new version of 4PKS will come with a R614FS four-channel receiver. The R614FS has a built-in dual antenna and Pre-Vision monitoring function to ensure that the transmitted signal is safe and clear. 4PKS remote control supports 40 sets of model parameter memory, built-in climbing remote control car adjustment features, 2.4GHz FASST transmission technology. The 4PK series remote control has been welcomed by the majority of remote control car players since its release. The new version of 4PKS has appeared, continuing the life of the series of products, and enriching the product’s functions. Especially, climbing remote control car and simulation type remote control car players can finally use Futaba ( Futaba) original four-channel receiver.
LCD offers adjustable contrast, “Display” setting to allow setup Rc Batteries without transmitting and the chance to view up to 36 functions at once. The multi-functional jog button with red LED makes navigating the menus easyGrip features a built-in vibrator that can be used as a lap timer, up timer, navigation aid or as a low-voltage alertA drop-down adapter is included for repositioning wheel height and angle for maximum comfortExtra protection features include high-voltage and low-battery alarms and auto shutdown after ten minutes of inactivity

The R614FS 2.4GHz FASST 4-Channel Receiver

Easy Link for establishing an instant, unbreakable transmitter-receiver linkDual Antenna Diversity monitors two antennas, and selects the strongest to ensure the best rec Rc Dash Cam eptionNormal / High Speed ​​mode auto detectionPre-Vision detects and corrects errors in incoming data for an even clearer signalLightweight (0.28 oz./7.8 g) and ultra-compact size: 35 x 23 x 8.5 mm / 1.38x.91x.33 ”High-voltage design (3 . 7V – 7.4V) for use with a wide range of NiCd, NiMH or LiPo packs

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