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The Japanese Team Muso company launched the World GT conversion kit t Electric Rc Drag Racing o upgrade and convert Yokomo R12 and R12C3 1/12 electric flat road cars (12 twelve), turning the twelve into a 200mm wide WGT level remote control car. The kit includes a longer wheelbase floor, carbon fiber front bumper, battery holder, aluminum hub and other parts, but does not include tires, car shells and any electronic equipment. Due to the high speed and sensitive handling of WGT remote control cars, there are a large number of players in Japan. Team Muso also introduced corresponding upgrades to Yokomo’s GT500 products. MUS-R12C3WGTCV R12 / R12C3 WGT Conversion Kit includes:
R12WGT Chassis x1, R12WGT Carbon Front Bumper x1,
R12WGT Lower Brace x1, R12WGT Front Mount Brace V2x1,
> R12WGT Upper Brace x1, R12WGT Chassis Brace x1,
R12WGT Battery Support x1, R12WGT Battery posts x2,
R12WGT Front Suspension Spacer x2, R12WGT Rear Bulkhead Spacer x2,
R12WGT Right W Rc Drift Cars heel Hub x1, R12WGT Left Wheel Hub x1,
R12WGT Thrust Cone x1, R12WGT FrontShock Extension Parts x1,
3×10 Socket Head Cap Screw x8, Multi Foam Bumper For WGT x1,
Damper Tube Set x2, turnbuckles 54mm x2
< br> ● Correspondence chassis
Yokomo R12 wide chassis (For narrow specifications,
please change to a wide spec Rc Dealers Near Me ification front arm)
※ R12 C Graphite rear axle the (narrow specification)
If you are using , please use the Yokomo kit
manufacture d by standard thrust cone thrust cone.
● For the conversion kit, RC equipment, body, motor, battery,
tires, and wheelsare not included.
GT500 R12 is required to complete chassis kit.

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