Rc Dirt Modified For Sale, Best Remote Control Car For 4 Year Old, Traxxas Bandit Vxl

RC4WD launched the 1/14 Earth Digger 360L Hydraulic Excavator 360L, which is more powerful and durable than the older models. The entire vehicle uses a large number of CNC metal parts, and the RTR products are assembled at the factory, allowing players to immediately invest in any ‘engineering’ project. Huge volume, like real appearance and mechanic Traxxas Bandit Vxl al structure, RC4WD requires that the product must be used by people over 16 years old. 8-channel remote control, steel hydrauli Best Remote Control Car For 4 Year Old c system, brushless driving power, 60A electronic transmission, 30A brushless equipment for Rc Dirt Modified For Sale steering system, 270Kv high torque motor, 3.0mm shaft diameter. Equipped with 4200mAh / 11.1V battery, the battery life is 20 minutes. Steel hydraulic pump (60mmx60mmx93mm), digging load can reach 15 kg! Part number VV-JD00016, priced at $ 2699.
HobbyKing’s 1/10 Quanum Destroyer (Vandal) four-wheel drive electric racing off-road vehicle (KIT version) is about to be launched in China. The Quanum Destroyer 1/10 4WD remote-controlled off-road vehicle can run on the dusty track. This is a pre-installed Kit version of the off-road vehicle. Players only need to add power system, steering servo, 2-channel remote control and lithium battery. On the road. The lightweight design of the chassis achieves the perfect balance of strength and weight. In addition, a powerful four-wheel drive system with sufficient torque is provided, as well as an adjustable limited slip differential that protects the transmission system and metal gear front / rear differential. The kit includes a 1/10 off-road hub, a compound soft tyre that increases friction / traction and handling, and a beautiful shell with a terrible style. In addition, adjustable suspension and hydraulic suspension are standard.
Low center of gravity chassis design
Axle-driven four-wheel drive system
Adjustable sliding clutch
Metal gear front / rear differential
Hydraulic suspension
> Composite soft tyre that can increase traction
Painted shell with beautiful decals
Length: 415 mm Width: 255 mm Height: 142 mm
Wheelbase: 275/280 mm < br> Gear ratio: 11.2: 1
Wheel rim coupler: 12mm
Battery fixed position: 142x46x24mm (maximum battery size)
Contains: 1/10 Quanum Destroyer four-wheel drive electric racing Off-road vehicle (KIT assembled)
17T pinion gear
Motor / rudder mounting screws
Antenna tube
User manual
Need to bring:
2-channel remote control
35 ~ 60A brushless ESC
3650 size brushless inner rotor motor (3000 ~ 4000KV recommended)
Standard size high torque servo (recommended metal gear)
2S 3000 ~ 4000mAh lithium battery
Source: HobbyKing.com

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