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GDW shark launched the fat shark submersible steering gear, with a depth test of 30 meters. In addition to the national certification, GDW also performed relatively intuitive underwater work. The steering gear was placed in the fish tank, and the power was tested. The high-intensity 24-hour work test was performed conti Spesxfun Rc Car nuously and continuously. The steering gear did not enter the water a Rc Bodies nd did not die. But helpless OSMO memory is insufficient (midnight Rc Dirt Oval Bodies recording stopped), and only nearly 12 hours of video were saved the next day, GDW compressed this video into a 3-minute time-lapse video. Come see the cheerful goldfish being tossed by the steering gear.
The violent truck has never felt that the structure is not simulation enough and lacks some mood. But like the clown said, ‘Why is it so serious?’ In addition to replicating the RC car model to reduce the true scale, there is also the spirit of entertainment. So by chance, we got Traxxas’s new Big E in early April (PS: Why did I make a film in mid-April because the sledgehammer of the editing went home for a long time). Decided to try something new.
The sun is sunny and the sun is good. The rich terrain on the riverbed of the Chaobai River is just right for the violent driving of a big truck. First take a look at the video.
VBC Racing has launched the Wildfire D09 1/10 4WD electric RV kit, which is a new design of the new car, including a newly cut carbon fiber floor and a second floor, to optimize the twist of the frame. The new motor mount offers 5 different twist settings, and the innovative center twist link system maintains longitudinal twist of the frame. Suspension, transmission system and steering have been upgraded; lower center of gravity hydraulic mounts, multiple floating motor mounts, VBC dynamic anti-roll bar, Yaiba Racing drive shafts, etc. all appeared on the new D09 car. Race-level products, professional drivers and various venues have been tested for a year and will be available at the end of October.

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