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Speed ​​Passion introduces the Revention Pro brushless electronic transmission. New design, unique built-in heat dissipation design, can reduce the heat by 20% (compared to the previous model), and the all-aluminum housing can further reduce the heat. 140A output, you can Dirt Track Rc Cars use the programming card to change the transmission parameters. 6 independent modes are available for players to choose from, including Modified, Stock, Crawler a Latrax Rally Body nd Drift modes. Speed ​​Passion will also introduce Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules in the future, and players can set the transmission via a smartphone (iPhone / Android).

Team Associated (AE) launched the Reflex DB10 RTR electric desert off-road vehicle, which is based on a short truck frame that has won 9 R.O.A.R. national championships. This 1/10 2WD remote control car uses waterproof Reedy brushless electronic transmission and 3300kV brushless motor, supports NiMH and 2 / 3S lithium battery; 2.4G remote control and new receiver built-in new DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control) body Control system, digital gyroscope makes the car more stable on various terrains; Reedy metal gear digital high torque servo and LED light set are included in the product.
The suspension system is equipped with an upgraded blue adjustable aluminum V2 12mm large-capacity shock absorber; a sealed gearbox and an adjustable V2 limited slip clutch; the standard 81mm CVA drive shaft can increase grip. Product number 90040.
Serpent will launch the Spyder SRX-4 1/10 4WD electric off-road vehicle kit. Spyder series products have been launched including 2wd RM and MM electric Vietnam, 2wd SCT short truck type, with the addition of four-wheel drive electric Vietnam will further enrich the Spyder product line. Desi Rc Dirt Track gned by Billy Easton, the official launch is planned for the end of March and early April. The new car is also likely to debut at the Reedy Race Championship this weekend. Serpent also hopes to show you the new car at the Nuremberg Toy Model Show in Germany next week. Please wait and see the arrival of Serpent racing-grade four-wheel drive E-Vietence!

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