Rc Drag Racing Kits, Rc Chevy Truck, Slash 4X4 Upgrades For Racing

Team Magic releases a rubber tire version of the E4 electric RV, called the E4RS. It looks similar to the previous sponge tire E4FS, but it Slash 4X4 Upgrades For Racing has new suspension, a slimmer rocker arm and a wider belt. RS uses a 2.5mm t Rc Chevy Truck hick carbon fiber chassis and a 2mm second floor. With front straight shaft, steel front CVD and aluminum back CVD.

E4RS Main Features:
-Most lipo battery \u0026 amp; brushless motor can be used
-New 2.5mm carbon fiber, 96mm wide narrow chassis
– New 2mm carbon top deck < Rc Drag Racing Kits br>-Front / rear 3mm carbon shock tower
-Front ST steel universal drive shaft
-Rear hard coated alum. 7075 universal drive shaft
-Alum. 7075 turnbuckles
-New Shocks
-New thickened arms
-New widened belts
-Front solid axle
-Rear ball differential (quick release design)
-New lightweight nylon pulley
-Alum. 7075 FF \u0026 amp; RR hinge pin mount
-Alum. 7075 bulkhead
-New front lower Flying Wing arm
-Centralized motor and battery design
-Quick release main shaft
-Motor cooling mount
-Front / rear anti-roll bar

E4RS Main Spec:
-1/10 EP Sedan
-Width–186mm adjustable
-Wheelbase–257 ~ 269mm
-2.5mm carbon fibre chassis
-2mm carbon fibre chassis
-3mm front / rear carbon shock tower
-Drive ratio –2.059
-Main gear–110T 64P
-Caster block–3 degree

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