Rc Drift Car Bodies, Traxxas Stampede Tires, Rc Lamborghini Veneno

Futaba and OS engine br Rc Lamborghini Veneno ands come from the same parent company (Futaba Electronics Industry). Recently, Futaba launched a series of servos of OS Speed ​​Tuned brand, Traxxas Stampede Tires suitable for 1/8 and 1/10 remote control cars. The reason why the brand will launch new products is to celebrate The two brands have a long-term relationship and commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of OS. Futaba’s OS servos include the following models. The Speed ​​T1 BLS571SV (0.08s / 11kg-cm) low-profile servo is suitable for 1/10 RVs and off-road vehicles. It uses reinforced gears, ceramic bearings, aluminum center and top cover housings. . The second model is Speed ​​R1 BLS371SV (0.10s / 19kg-cm), standard size, suitable for 1/8 level road car, built-in hybrid gear set, ceramic bearing. The last one is the Speed ​​B1 S9373SV (0.06s / 24.6kg-cm), an all-alloy chassis, suitable for 1/8 race-grade off-road vehicles, and also a hybrid gear set and ceramic bearings. The three servos mentioned above are all compatible with high voltage, unique red and black appearance, limited sale.

X-Rider’s latest introduction of hot-melt tires has provided Saturn and Mercury two 1/8 racing remote-control motorcycles with powerful high grip, which has also added more tire replacement strategies to racing motorcycle events. There are two types of matching tread: bald and textured. Bald models: V-type bald front hot-melt tires and bald-head hot-melt tires. Available in 30 and 50 degrees. V-shaped bald front hot-melt tires must use V-shaped special inner tubes. The rear wheels are common with the textured rear wheels. Textured section: Textured front hot-melt tire, textured rear hot-melt tire. Available only at 50 degrees. In addition, X-Rider has customized inner tubes for two hot-melt tires.
The left is a textured hot-melt front tire, and Rc Drift Car Bodies the right is a V-shaped bald hot-melt tire.
V-shaped inner tube for V-shaped hot-melt front tires.
V-type bald hot-melt front tires must be used with special V-type inner tubes.
X-Rider has customized special inner tubes for two hot-melt tires, which perfectly fit the original front and rear wheels and hot-melt tires. The introduction of hot melt tires will inevitably increase the tension of the racing motorcycle race and change the tire replacement strategy in the race schedule.

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