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Kyosho Jingshang launched the 1/8 remote-controlled motorcycle for the first time in Rc Car Hobby Shop Near Me 1992. Today, there are still a large number of fans who love two-wheel remote control models. Kyosho’s unique S.D.S.S system enables the rider to bring 13 movable joints, and turns like a real motorcycle during a turn. In addition, brake discs, inverted forks, transmission chains, etc. all appeared on this engraved product. The 1991 WGP 500cc All-Japan Suzuki (Suzuki) S.R.T. Part number 34931B.

VBC Racing launches FF17 FWD (front-drive) 1/10 electric RV. Compared with the brand’s previous front-drive products, t Xmaxx Motor Mount he FF17 uses a new design, including a new gearbox replaced with reinforced alloy gears, and steering and shock absorbers have been upgraded. Rc Drift Parts The frame uses a carbon fiber base plate and 7075 aluminum components to support standard and short-body lithium batteries, and supports horizontal placement; the second floor is a unique vertical design, allowing the frame to twist more freely on both sides. VBC will provide Kit version and package version including Speed ​​Passion Reventon electronic transmission + MMM 3.0 21.5T for players to choose. Available at the end of January.
Protoform launches the long-awaited LTC 2.0 190mm width electric RV body. The original LTC-R has 8 years of history and has achieved great success (three world champions). The 2.0 new model uses a larger front radiator (ghost mask) design, a deeper headlight profile, and the new design can increase steering And head pressure. Depending on the level of the event and the needs of the venue, different trim lines for the tail can be used to obtain different downforce. Protoform uses Mounting Marks technology on the new car shell, and the opening of the car shell has become more accurate. Meets EFRA (# 4051) and ROAR requirements, and can participate in major events around the world. Lightweight versions (.025 ‘/ .064mm) and regular templates (.030’ / 0.76mm) are available for purchase.

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